Our vision

Noirmontartproduction proposes the management, wholly or partially, of creative art projects coming from our own initiative or from outside proposals, in France as well as abroad, focusing on the creation of monumental and complex works such as sculptures, videos and installations.

Noirmontartproduction can provide financial, human and technical management from the project’s conception to its final production and we work in direct collaboration with the artist and the gallery that represents him or her.

With a new and total independence of mind and neutrality, Noirmontartproduction can provide a "plus" to contemporary art by conceiving this new activity as a service "tailored" to the needs of traditional professionals (galleries, museums, foundations) who are torn between a multitude of creative projects

and constant market development. By providing the complete management of their production projects, Noirmontartproduction offers a unique service in the art world and promotes the development of artistic creations that would not see the day without its support.

Noirmontartproduction is already very active since its creation and is currently involved in numerous collaborations, both in France and abroad.

Twenty years of first market gallery experience and close, daily contact with the artists, from the most renowned (Jeff Koons, Shirin Neshat…) to the newest talents (Benjamin Sabatier, Yi Zhou) has given Jérôme and Emmanuelle de Noirmont the ability to measure the enormous need for production of contemporary art creation and to launch their new activity which builds on this unique expertise.

A service "tailored" to the needs of traditional professionals, galleries, museums, foundations ...
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