Our expertise

For Jérôme and Emmanuelle de Noirmont, working simultaneously on several creative large-scale projects alongside demanding artists emphasised early on the complexity of contemporary art production.

From 1998/99, the recently opened Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont launched several joint projects for monumental sculptures as part of the Millennium celebrations : Brigitte Nahon’s Le Passage, a key installation from the exhibition Les Champs de la Sculpture in 1999 on the Champs-Elysées in Paris;

David Mach’s Spaceman, a huge sculpture of hangers on display in the Palais Royal gardens in Paris in 2000; the most colossal creation, Jeff Koons’s Split-Rocker with live flowering plants, the highlight of the major exhibition La Beauté in Avignon in May 2000 and the artist’s most monumental work to date.

With these early experiences and the many that followed in twenty years of gallery management, Jérôme and Emmanuelle de Noirmont today have a unique global expertise that makes Noirmontartproduction a platform for contemporary artistic creation.

A platform for a complete service in favor of contemporary artistic creation


Artwork production requires specific human qualities demanding both a high level of psychology and versatile management skills. Working with an artist with an extremely sensitive personality involves entering into his private life, his deepest self and demonstrating the important capacities of listening and connecting with the artist, to approach his creative projects with diplomacy and finesse. These interpersonal skills become even more essential when creating monumental works which are always idealized by the artist as they represent a very spectacular part of his work. Producing a work or a complex artistic project also requires analytical and problem solving skills in order to combine the artistic, technical, economic and administrative challenges associated with such projects. Negotiation skills are also needed to deal with all the different suppliers. Management skills are equally important to handle and coordinate the many different business sectors and professionals, and to secure adequate financing. Always with an unwavering enthusiasm for contemporary creation, this intuitive and professional approach was the strength behind the work of Jérôme and Emmanuelle de Noirmont alongside the gallery’s artists for twenty years, and today they offer it to you at the service of your projects.


The growing sophistication of materials and technologies used by artists in their creation, the significant rise in insurance budgets due to the increased valuation of works as well as the promotion and expanding media coverage for exhibitions in order to distinguish themselves internationally, all contribute today to a sharp increase in the budgets of artistic projects. Institutions and event organizers must deal with this exponential need for financing in the rather unfavorable context of a general decrease in financial resources, both public and private. Galleries representing exhibited artists are therefore increasingly being called upon to fill this financial gap and to advance all expenses related to exhibiting their artists. They find themselves, however, with a rising number of projects, keeping in mind that they also have the increasing costs of promoting and marketing these same artists including the participation in international art fairs that is becoming more and more common. An essential part of Noirmontartproduction’s activity is to relieve these cultural actors from this stressful burden, putting together a method of financing for each project and taking over all financial responsibility. With strong financial reserves that can be added to if other external contributions are needed, Noirmontartproduction offers the advantage of making a quick and immediately effective decision. All proposed projects are subject to an immediate analysis to determine the cost and to put together, with the sponsor, the most adequate financing solution. Noirmontartproduction is committed to providing all the necessary resources and will consider all types of payment solutions ranging from a commission on the cost of producing a monumental work upon its sale to acquisition possibilities. For exhibition productions without any future resources linked to a sale of works, our expenses will be covered by the financial sponsorships found for the event. In all cases, Noirmontartproduction takes on the financial risk along with its partner.


Making a monumental sculpture such as the creation of a large installation for a major exhibition always involves complex technical requirements for both its construction and its exhibition in a public setting. This complexity is due to the size of the work, its extraordinary nature which raises obvious issues of quality and compatibility of materials, weight, resistance to weather and the elements for outdoor exhibitions as well as its assembly, transport and storage. Added to this are the constraints of an exhibition for the general public which require reinforcing certain technical aspects to ensure complete safety. Given the multitude of contemporary art expression, carrying out such a project entails coordinating very different business sectors and areas of activity including industries, foundries and factories, architects and graphic designers, engineers and IT specialists, scientists and biologists, artisans, sound and audiovisual specialists. It requires integrating their ways of working which are not always compatible and leading them to innovate, sometimes beyond their established skills. Noirmontartproduction is used to working with the most demanding artists as well as with the most novice and offers the opportunity to accompany the artist in carrying out these procedures in order to optimize the overall project regarding the long-lasting quality of the selected materials and technologies as well as their costs and various constraints.


In addition to the boundless enthusiasm always at the service of the artists they represented, Jérôme and Emmanuelle de Noirmont demonstrated for twenty years a high level of professionalism that made their gallery one of the international leaders in contemporary art. Known for their attention to detail, they now propose, as producers, to put this high standard at the service of your projects to ensure a complete and accurate follow-up thus relieving you of any concern, whatever it may be. Legal representation is advised for all productions because of the risks associated with the production of large-scale works, uncertainties about the feasibility of such projects and the diversity of those involved. For this reason, Noirmontartproduction has established a partnership with Mrs Isabelle Nahum-Saltiel, a lawyer specializing in complex legal contracts in the arts, with over fifteen years of high level experience in this field. For any exhibition in a public and outdoor space, we also help you with all administrative procedures related to this type of project concerning all regulations, whether it concerns insurance, security checks, general public access, etc. Thanks to its knowledge of the contemporary art world, Noirmontartproduction can also assist you with media coverage and public relations in promoting the project. Noirmontartproduction offers you a complete and “customized” follow-up for any production or exhibition !

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